Gutter Installation and Replacement

A rotting foundation can hamper efforts to repair or replace your roof. With Ameristar Roofing’s gutter installation and replacement services, you can protect your residential or commercial building from leaks that can cause expensive water damage and flooding.

Protection, Durability, and Professional Installation

Gutters prolong the lifespan of your roof by keeping water and runoff out. In Georgia, the average yearly precipitation amounts to 52 inches. In Georgia, you need gutters, or else your building is prone to rot and mold. A professional gutter installation and replacement company will use the best quality materials in completing the job to protect your building’s masonry, foundation, and landscape.

Ameristar Roofing’s team of gutter installation and replacement pros are focused on using top quality materials for their work. They are dependable, reliable, and relentless in providing the best outcomes for property owners. We strongly stand by our work and have over ten years of experience fixing the most bothersome problems we see with faulty gutters. Our work has helped countless customers over the years save significantly by preventing expensive damage in the long haul. We’ll thoroughly inspect your gutter system, make recommendations, and provide a comprehensive estimate including all the materials we’ll use in our scope of work.

Having Gutter Problems?

You should have new gutters installed when you see puddles all over your basement, but many gutter problems aren’t so obvious to spot, and you’d need a professional gutter installation company to find them. Some of these problems include:

Emptying downspouts

There’s enough precipitation from rain to produce up to 600 gallons of runoff per every inch. You’d need at least ten bathtubs to house such a colossal amount! Standing water near the downspouts eventually works its way into your property’s foundation, causing mold and rot to form.

Rust & cracks

Steel and aluminum gutters are most prone to corrosion and develop holes where water penetrates. If the damage is widespread enough, then it’s time to have your gutters replaced with new ones that will be easier to maintain.

Siding damage

Damage to siding, the cladding attached to the building keeping elements out, can mean your gutter system needs replacement. If you see any paint rotting, peeling, or chipping, it’s likely the gutters you currently have aren’t effective protecting your property’s exterior.

Landscape erosion

Without adequate gutter protection, your landscape also suffers. Constant overflow from clogged gutters causes the soil to wash away. Unsightly ditches and wilted plants detract massively from your building’s curb appeal.

Loose gutters

Gutters installed with multiple pieces can separate, limiting their ability to redirect water away from the foundation smoothly. We recommend a seamless gutter system installation to prevent this problem in the future.

Frequent clogging

Debris, leaves, and twigs from storms cause clogged gutters. Gutter guards help prevent clogging, but don’t fix structural problems with the gutters themselves. In this situation, a full gutter replacement would do.


Gutters last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. While they might work fine on the surface, you should have a professional check for problems and recommend the best gutter systems to help you save money.

Seam separation

Gutters falling apart at the seams from sunlight, hail, wind, rain, and snow cause leaking. With seamless gutters, you won’t have this problem on your hands anymore and you’ll have more time available to keep your building in peak condition.

Types of Gutters We Install

With all our gutter installation and replacement projects, we only use the best quality materials available. We primarily use these materials to produce long-lasting results:



Aluminum is a low-cost, yet tough material used for gutter installation and replacement. There’s an abundance of styles, colors, and sizes to choose with your new aluminum gutters. We use Aluminum Type K – 024 in our projects.


Seamless gutters require less maintenance than simple sectional gutters. They are long, continuous sections made from aluminum. We have 5 inch and 6 inch seamless aluminum gutters available!

Ameristar’s Gutter Installation and Replacement Process

To start the gutter repair or installation process, we undergo a simple process to help us give the soundest advice on gutter installation and replacement options for your property. When you choose Ameristar Roofing for your gutter project, we will go through these steps together:


Gutter Inspection

Give us a call at (770) 831-1770 to set up your free gutter inspection. Our gutter inspection will be comprehensive and find any gutter problems we discover.


Gutter Analysis Report

After we complete our gutter inspection, we will provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your gutters.

Get a Free Estimate

Our estimator will review the findings and share the results so you can understand the scope of work for a gutter installation or replacement job.

Choose a Date

Once you sign an agreement to allow us to begin the gutter installation or replacement process, you can choose the date you want the project to begin.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager throughout the entire process to ensure that you’re satisfied before, during, and after your new gutters are installed.

Enjoy Lasting Performance and Durability

Ameristar Roofing gutters offer high performance and will last for many years to come with proper gutter maintenance and cleaning.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Backed By Years of Experience

We’ve handled all kinds of gutter installation and replacement projects over the past ten years and provide a customer satisfaction guarantee to stand by everything we do. To us, quality and experience matter the most in offering the best solutions for our customers. We won’t rest until the job is completed to your satisfaction and these qualities set us apart from the competition:



We will always keep you informed about what it will take to have your gutter fixed and send a proposal detailing everything that we will do for you.


Consistency and performance are helped by years of experience installing gutters for our customers, so we know how to get things done on time.

Hard Work

Hard work and determination to see that the gutter project is completed to your liking means everything to us.


Unmatched Customer Service

We’ll work with you to assess what you’ll need for your gutter project and won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

Choose Ameristar and Get a Free Gutter Inspection

Call Ameristar Roofing at (770) 831-1770 to start the free gutter inspection process. We look forward to hearing from you! Keep your building protected from the elements with our gutter systems and never have to worry about clogging again.