Storm Damage

Your roof is vulnerable to damage from Georgia’s violent storms. Keep your roof safe and protected with Ameristar Roofing. We’ll provide a free roof inspection and help you file a claim with your insurance company, keeping the process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Keep Your Roof Intact After a Georgia Storm Hits

When a severe storm hits your area, it’s more than likely your roof sustained damage in the aftermath. In Georgia, it’s common for homeowners to notice missing shingles, bent shingles, and cracked debris on their roof. Even if there isn’t visible storm damage from the wind, hail, and lightning characteristic of storms in the state, it’s also possible that your roof might have accumulated damage over the years from the forces of nature. Leaving any damage regardless of the size and severity of the storm’s impact could lead to more severe problems later on. Don’t wait too long before having your roof inspected or filing a claim with your insurance company. Ameristar Roofing is here to take the stress out of getting your roof back in excellent condition.

What to Look for After a Storm Impacts Your Home

More subtle roof damage will need to be assessed by a team of roofing professionals and specialists. However, there are more glaring signs of storm damage you may find yourself after the storm has passed. Some of these signs to look for include:

Fallen Tree Damage

Are there lots of trees where you live? It’s important to check for any fallen branches that might have hit your roof. Fallen tree branches and limbs cause shingles to collapse, crack, or break.

Unwanted Pests and Wildlife

Storm damage leaves your roof more vulnerable to invasion from raccoons, squirrels, and bugs. They need a place to stay and will make room near the attic vents. It’s not uncommon to find broken fascia boards, chewed wiring, and broken vents when nuisance animals find their way into your home after a storm.

Loss of Granules

After a storm, you can also check for any granule loss on your roof. This problem is especially most prevalent after a hailstorm. Normally, a roof can have granule loss and not need immediate repairs or replacement, but a hailstorm speeds up granule loss rate and significantly shorten the roof’s lifespan.

Flashing Damage

Strong winds during a storm are powerful enough to leave dents to the roof’s flashing, a protective layer of material used to cover the roof’s expansion joints to keep water out. More powerful winds lift the flashing off, leaving the insulation and covering at greater risk of sustaining additional damage.

The Ameristar Insurance Claim Process

After looking for roof damage, filing a claim with your homeowner insurance company is the next important step in getting your roof fixed immediately. Most insurance companies will cover storm damage as an Act of God. Ameristar Roofing walks you step-by-step through the process and eliminates the anxiety of filing an insurance claim on your own.

Storm damage and Replacement Process

Through this extensive process, you’ll enjoy a new roof from Ameristar Roofing and know that your insurance company will properly cover the damages.


Free Inspection

Give us a call at (770) 831-1770 to set up your free gutter inspection. Our roof inspection will be comprehensive and check the current state of your roof and list any problems we discover.


Roof Analysis Report

After the roof inspection is complete, we will provide a detailed roof analysis showing any damage to your roof due to wind, hail, or storms along with pictures demonstrating our findings.

Filing a Claim

If there is sufficient storm damage found, we’ll help you file a claim and give your insurance company detailed information regarding the extent of the damage to your roof.

Insurance Adjustor Meetings

Ameristar will attend all roof inspections with the insurance adjusters to demonstrate our findings and help prove your claim.

Check Your Mail

The adjuster will send you an estimate of what the insurance company will cover. The paperwork shows you what will be included in the claim, which could include gutters, windows, and siding repairs too.

Choose a Date

Once you sign an agreement to allow us to repair or replace your roof, you can choose the date you want the project to begin.

Send the Insurance Check

Your first insurance check will arrive listing the amount of the estimate, usually with deductibles and depreciation subtracted. Send us the check payable to Ameristar Roofing and we’ll begin working on replacing your roof with the GAF Roofing System, backed by the GAF Lifetime Roofing System Warranty.

Final Invoice Sent

After we complete the scope of work, we will send the insurance company a final invoice detailing the total cost of the repairs, and you’ll receive a second check in the mail.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Backed By Years of Experience

We’ve handled all kinds of roofing repair and replacement projects over the past ten years and provide a customer satisfaction guarantee to stand by everything we do. To us, quality and experience matter in all roofing projects we complete. Our roofing technicians are trained and equipped to handle the toughest jobs and don’t rest until you’re happy with the final result. You can expect to get the following with the work that we do for every roofing project:



We will always keep you informed about what it will take to have your roof fixed and send a proposal detailing everything that we will do for you.


Consistency and performance are helped by years of experience in the roofing industry, so we know how to get things done on time.

Hard Work

Hard work and determination to see that the roofing project is completed to your liking means everything to us.

Unmatched Customer Service

Give us a call whenever you find a problem, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’ll work with you to assess what you’ll need and help you file a claim with your insurance company on roof repairs.

Choose Ameristar and Get a Free Roof Inspection

Call Ameristar Roofing at (770) 831-1770 to start the process and get a free roof inspection from one of our roofing experts and enjoy your new, durable roof without delays. We look forward to hearing from you!