You’re running a successful business, and all is well until you find out your roof is in terrible shape. There’s nothing else to do but to replace the roof entirely, which is no easy feat. It’s time-consuming and expensive. The average commercial roof replacement costs over $42,000 depending on factors such as the roof type, building code requirements, height, and the number of people present in the building. Add all these up and factor in the costs & time, and it’s easy to see how much of a massive problem this predicament poses for your business.

Wouldn’t you want to prevent this from happening by contacting a professional roofing company before the damage gets worse? That would be a marvelous idea, but you have to spot some of the signs of commercial roof wear and tear before it’s too late. In this post, you will learn about the top 6 signs of Atlanta commercial roof damage to watch out for. Left unchecked, you can have more than just a simple leak on your hands.

1. Growing Utility Costs

It’s normal to get that energy bill at certain times of the year and see the amount charged go up here and there. However, if you see a sudden jump in your energy usage and costs, something’s amiss. It may be because part of the roof has begun to rot, allowing moisture to come in, affecting the insulation of the building. Animals may have started to call these areas home. It’s not uncommon to find acidic feces from a bird’s nest somewhere or rats chewing through the electrical wiring and insulation.

Don’t expect these issues to fix themselves. The situation will only grow worse, and you’ll be left with a building filled with cracks and an unstable roofing structure.

2. Faulty Flashings

A well-maintained roof won’t have problems with leaks, and much of this protection comes from the flashing on the roof. It is usually installed around the corners of the building, and combined with a gutter system makes quite a difference in keeping your building free of water dropping from the ceiling. A huge reason why you might see roof damage is the flashing has deteriorated. Much of this happens because the material used to construct the flashing wasn’t able to completely seal out all the water, leaving your roof exposed to all sorts of damage.

It’s best to use flashing that naturally conforms to the laws of gravity to safely keep moisture out of the building. Consult with your local Atlanta roofer for advice here.

3. Roof Rotting

This is a problem which is more serious than a few drips here and there. You could put your whole staff at risk of contracting productivity-killing illnesses from the mold, mildew, and other parasites that thrive in super moist environments. The last thing you want is a problem on your hands where your employees are calling sick because they have a terrible case of rhinitis or some allergic reaction to all the mold spores present. Rotting anywhere on your roof likely means there are vulnerable spots to your roof which need fixing ASAP. Proper commercial roof maintenance saves you a fortune and keeps your employees healthier.

4. Storm Damage

Even a well-maintained roof will never not have any problems. Some of the most severe damage comes from hail, rain and snow storms often experienced by business owners in Georgia. During a storm, wind speeds reach up to 20 mph and are powerful enough also to cause damage to your roof. After a storm, check for any signs of billowing to your roof and loose seals. These areas are prone to moisture coming in and causing extensive damage to your building.

5. Clogged Gutters

Another potential point of failure can come from your building’s gutter system. During a storm, there needs to be an efficient way to direct the water away. Gutters are supposed to accomplish this, but these drains don’t always work correctly. You might have an excessive amount of leaves and debris in the gutters making it difficult to keep moisture out. Don’t be shocked to see pools of water accumulate on your roof. Before bringing in a commercial roofing professional, carefully watch your gutters and drains for any of these signs.

6. Aging Roof

So you’ve had the same roof for years now, and it’s been in great shape. What could be the problem with having an older roof? Well, it’s much easier for damage to occur especially during a storm. Even without any visible damage, there is still likely wear and tear and weak points easily exposed by a wind or hail storm. The shingles can fall apart and hurt someone as well. Don’t take these chances, especially when your roof is approaching its 20th anniversary. Get a professional Atlanta commercial roofing company to stop by and give you options.


These are just some of the main signs you need to look for to know when it’s time to call a professional. Don’t discount the importance of other signs including fungi, damaged caulk, rotting fascia, unsightly wall stains, sunlight shining through, and loose pipes. See any of these signs, and you know you have to make the call.

Finding a qualified Atlanta commercial roofing contractor doesn’t have to take up much of your time. At Ameristar Roofing, you can get a roofing inspection on us! It can make the difference between adding a few more years of life or having to spend thousands of dollars on an entirely new roof. We recommend giving our team a call at least twice a year for our team to stop by and do what’s necessary to eliminate signs of damage.

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