Cleaning gutters on your own can be a chore and something many people would want to avoid. However, gutter cleaning serves an important purpose in the maintenance of your property for the long haul. Without any cleaning or any additional updates to your gutters, you’re going to see tons of damage, especially with leaks to your roof. Imagine if a storm were to pass by your area right now and your gutters were already in bad shape as it is. Now, you can see how much more substantial the damage would be in this situation. You’ll be paying more than you bargained for and it all could have been prevented with a qualified roofing company in Atlanta checking up.

In this post, we’ll show you several compelling reasons why you need to have your gutters checked in both the Spring and Fall months. It will take a bit of time out of your day, but compared to all the enormous costs and other problems you could face, it’s worth it to have these mistakes corrected on your gutters in the present. Also, it never hurts to have regular gutter inspections like this, especially when you live in areas where debris buildup is heavier.

1. Keep the Structure of Your Property Intact

It’s always bad when there’s no protection against all the rainwater, hail, and snow each year to your Georgia property. Having well-maintained gutters adds maximum protection against these elements that accelerate wear and tear on your property. Many of the problems like roof leaks and decaying walls can be stopped if you take a look at how your gutters are performing. In areas where there are more trees, you might want have a roofing company check your gutters twice a year, preferably in the Spring and Fall.

2. Keep Annoying, Disease-Ridden Bugs Out

Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects to call home. Cockroaches also love these sorts of moist environments. Leave your gutters as they are now with no maintenance and you’ll have one of the biggest insect infestations ever. These pesky bugs will not leave you alone and will be extremely difficult to get rid of overnight.

Do you really want to have added pest control costs on a problem where a thorough screening might have worked wonders? Exactly. You also don’t want people in your property to contract the diseases a lot of these pests carry. A lot of these viruses and bacteria these organisms have in their system are responsible for diseases like cholera, West Nile virus, and dystentary to name a few.

3. Stop Mold and Mildew From Growing

Mold and mildew can do massive damage to the interior of your property, namely on the walls. It will not only create a very unappealing look, but also put others at risk. Some people have extreme hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to mold and mildew and are more susceptible to developing problems with coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation. The worst thing which could possibly happen is if someone were to contract a life-threatening lung disease from the spores present in your home or building.

4. Allow Water to Escape

Another problem which happens when your gutters aren’t looked at much is when you have ice dams form. Because there’s so much debris present on your gutters, the water in your home or building doesn’t have much of a chance to leave, exasperating any existing problems you might have with your roof leaking or wood rot.

By having your gutters checked twice a year, you’ll have double the protection against these ice dams. While these form in the winter months, it’s always best to keep your gutters from getting clogged with debris in the first place regardless of what time of year it is. It’s a lot less work too when you’re confident a professional roofing contractor took the time to see what’s going wrong before the problem grows worse.

5. Buy More Time to Repair Your Property from Storm Damage

It’s bad enough when a storm arrives on the scene and so much of your property is ruined. At least with good gutters intact, the damage won’t be as extensive. But with clogged gutters, you’ll have much more water seep through the foundation and create tons of potentially dangerous situations with more mold and mildew buildup and the other problems we’ve mentioned so far. Attention to detail matters in these situations, something you can only get from having a professional take another look.

6. Stop Sagging

You can’t possibly expect to have a sound roofing system in place without the right protection from gutters and gutter guards. Not having your gutters cleaned or checked creates the perfect conditions for your roof to look like it might collapse and fall over. The roof leaking will only grow worse from here too, and your walls will take a major beating too. It’s a trifecta of problems you could prevent if you had someone help you in the first place.

Should You Check Your Gutters Yourself or Hire a Professional Instead?

While most people could probably clean a gutter or two on their own, is it really the best use of your time? More often than not, you’ll run into unnecessary problems and frustration. Climbing a ladder can also pose huge risks and potential to seriously injure yourself on the job. There’s a reason why there are roofing contractors who are willing to inspect your gutters and roof completely for free.

At Ameristar Roofing, you can get the gutter inspection you need most so the next time a storm passes by, your property will be protected and secured. Call us today at 877-330-3301 or email our team at One of our representatives will be there to walk you through the next steps in setting up your free gutter inspection and gutter analysis!