There are all kinds of factors involved in roofing an Atlanta home. Some roofing materials are more expensive than others, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider those options. You might end up saving massively in the long run if you decide to use asphalt or metal shingles for your roof.

Are you currently shopping for a new roof or getting your roof replaced in Georgia and the Metro Atlanta area? If so, our roofing experts have some advice you should take into account when you’re deciding on some of the best options for fortifying your roof against hail and snowstorms which pass in the area from time to time. After reading this guide, you’ll have a better sense of how the cost of roofing a home in Georgia will affect you and your spend.

What Are the Factors in the Cost of Roofing a Residential Property?

There’s a lot which goes into getting your roof replaced affordably. It would be best if you considered first of all how old your roof is. Is your roof one built in the last couple of years, or is it one that was created decades ago and now approaching a time where the warranty will expire. Also, it also heavily depends on where in the area you’re located.

You could get shingles for as low as $2.00 per square foot, or find yourself paying over $8 for a more expensive material. There are also plenty of roofing contractors who might charge you a bit more for a roof replacement, but not have as much expertise in negotiating with your insurance provider for your roof. Not only should you find a roofing contractor with access to discounted rates on all your favorite roofing brands, but they need to know how to speak the right lingo with your insurance company too.

To recap, residential roofing replacement costs can be summarized in these critical factors:

1. Geographic Location

In the South, the prices for a roof tend to be far less expensive than in other places in the United States. In Georgia specifically, you could get many roof parts and shingles for a fair price. There’s still a lot to be considered in finding the most cost-effective roof repair, but the location will make an impact for sure.

2. Age of the Roof

Depending on how old or new your roof is, this will determine how much you need to pay to get it repaired. Older roofs are more susceptible to severe storm and hail damage, so the cost of repair is going to be considerably higher. However, for newer roofs without much damage besides roof leaking, you could get it repaired for far less in the state of Georgia than you would if you lived in New York, California, or anywhere up North or on the West Coast.

3. Size of the Property

You’re going to get many variations in pricing when you get specific about how many stories your home has. Also, consider how many square feet your home has. For a smaller home where you need roof repair or replacement, the costs of repair can range anywhere from $5000 to $8000, which is a lot cheaper compared to what you’d be paying on a larger sized home somewhere else. In any case, our roofing company in Atlanta, GA has plenty of financing options so you can afford these payments, even during times of crisis or when a disaster strikes your area.

4. Labor Costs and Manufacturer

You’re going to find wide variation in roofing material pricing according to the manufacturer and cost it took to produce the raw materials. Some roofing contractors work closely with these manufacturers to bring you some impressive discounts, however. Find a roofing contractor that can work with some of the best roofing manufacturers out there, and you’ll get more than what you bargained for surely.

So What Kind of Roofing Materials Should I Use for My Residential Property in Atlanta?

Thankfully, our company makes it so easy for homeowners to get access to the right roofing shingles needed for the most everlasting repairs. Here are some of the roofing materials we currently offer for all our residential customers:
1. Asphalt Shingles
We work with GAF, a well-known and respected roofing manufacturer to bring you everything you need for a super successful roof repair.
2. Metal Shingles
Metal shingles are built to last for a lifetime and give your home enough strength to withstand any natural disaster which may come your way.

There are other roofing materials our professionals have worked in the past like with wood and slate, but these are our favorites which won’t cost you too much and will provide long-lasting strength and durability for your home. You also will get the best discounts and deals to lower the cost of your roof repair easily. Say goodbye to pesky roof leaks and everything else that’s been putting your family in harm’s way.

Why Choose Ameristar Roofing for Residential Roof Repair Jobs in Atlanta?

Going with a company like us is going to give you greater advantages over other roofing companies in Atlanta. Because we’re also general contractors, we know how to do it all. We’re not just roofing experts, but we will also help you with your gutters and decking while we’re at it.

Much of our business comes from customers delighted with the work we did to make their roofs last much longer. There’s no reason to wait to get in touch with one of our customer representatives when you want the best roof repair done in the quickest time.

That’s why you should give us a call at 877-330-3301 or email us at today. You may qualify for an unbeatable deal on roof repairs and get a credit while you’re at it. That’s how committed we are to exceeding your expectations and giving you an affordable roof repair you deserve!